Ionic Hair Dryer, ROIFLY 1800-2000W Professional Hair Blow Dryers with 3 Heat Settings, 2 Speed, One Cool Settings, 2 Concentrator Nozzles, Fast Dry, Low Noise, for Home, Travel, Salon, Hotel

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE & NEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY:(★Push up-Hot Air Push down-Cool Air )♪The constant temperature protection function of the hair dryer can prevent the hair from being damaged by the heat while drying the hair quickly. ♪The negative ion function smoothes the stratum corneum and locks in moisture, making the hair softer, healthier and reduce static.
  • 3 HEAT(HOT/WARM/COOL) & 2 SPEED(LOW/HIGH) & COLD AIR SHOT:♪HOT HEAT&HIGH SPEED:Suitable for quick drying of hair. WARM HEAT&LOW SPEED:Suitable for normal drying of hair. COOL:Suitable for dry hair in summer, let your hair dryer work all the year round. ♪COLD AIR SHOT:Lock in your style with the cool shot button.
  • 2 CONCENTRATOR NOZZLES & DETACHABLE REAR FILTER:♪This blow dryer is equipped with two different sizes of concentrator nozzles for faster drying and precise forming. ♪Double safety removable filter, prevent hair get sucked into the blow dryer and to facilitate the timely clean up.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT & PORTABLE:Lighter than similar hair dryers, reducing shoulder load during use. The main part of the blow dryer is cylindrical, saving more space and being easier to carry than traditional hair dryer. Perfect for home travel salon and hotel etc. (☀If you have any questions about product,please feel free to contact us.)
  • RADIATION FREE & LOW NOISE:(★Before using the hair dryer, it is recommended to wipe the water on the hair with towel. the effect and speed of dry hair will be better) Different from traditional hair dryer, abandoned resistance wire heating that can release high radiation. Instead, Adopting low magnetic wave infrared technology, it can reduce electromagnetic field radiation by more than 50% than similar hair dryer. The blow dryer use different fan than the traditional hair dryer, reducing noise.
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Product Description

RIOFLY 1800-2000 Watt Hair Dryer Use Low Magnetic and Negative Ion Technology to Create a Natural Smooth and Shiny Hair Styling, Let You Enjoy Salon-like Professional Hair Care at Home.

Fast Dry and Low Noise:
Use 1800-2000w high-powered motor to help you dry your hair quickly and save your time. The fan inside the hair dryer is different from the traditional hair dryer, which can reduce noise and increase the comfort of use.

Low Magnetic Wave Technology:
1.Heat your hair evenly from the inside out to dry your hair quickly.
2.Reduce damage to your hair and prevent it from being damaged by overheating.
3.Unlike traditional hair dryers, no radiation, pregnant women and children can also use it with confidence.

Negative Ion Technology:
1.Neutralizes positive charge in the hair to reduce static generation.
2.Locks the moisture in the stratum corneum, repairs and maintains the shine of the hair.
3.Make your hair smoother and healthier, reduce hair knots and other hair problems, professional hair care like salon.

Attachments Tool function:
Ideal hair styling tool for both men and women.
Small Concentrator:For fast drying and precision styling.(suitable for people with less hair)
Big Concentrator:For fast drying and precision styling.(suitable for people with more hair)

3 Heat Settings / 2 Speed / Cold Air Shot:
Let your hair dryer be used all year round, and the cool air setting of hair dryer will make you feel comfortable in the hot summer.

What Will You Get?

1x Professional Salon Hair Dryer
1x Small Concentrator
1xBig Concentrator
1x Instruction Manual
1x Beautiful box

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